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Open-Source Probiotics (are you detecting a theme here yet?)

So I was sitting and thinking about how to write about kombucha.  Truly though, just look it up on wikipedia

Kombucha is simple, easy, and tasty for sure, but there’s so much more than just tart, fizzy tea.  As this adventurous individual discovered, the zoogleal mat can be inoculated with the culture that ferments milk to make kefir.  I did this when I had access to raw milk in Oregon during 2009-2010, it was delicious!  You got an old kombucha scoby hanging around (If not, you can use one of ours)?  You can make kefir, sourdough bread, and who knows what else (please please please let this also work with bioluminescent bacteria).  At least with kombucha/kefir, vinegar is your friend for keeping spaces clean, though over-brewed kombucha will also do the trick.

Quite the culture for the aspiring biohacker.

Next up:  All the uses for kombucha (cleaner, shampoo, beverage, biohacking, etc)