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Open-Source Protein

Not the weight we were anticipating, but we’re working on delaying fruiting, to give the mycelium more time to digest the substrate.  Also trying different substrate forms (plastic kitchen containers like tupperware)

Diversify and strengthen:
-3hree fruiting cultures from jars (attempt model 1.0)

-5ive cultures on coffee-grounds and màte (fruiting attempt 1.1)

-1ne culture in a fresh load of kitchen-waste/matavfall (taking to it quite well, and about to be installed in the outdoor compost heap)

Tomorrow we buy earthworms, and make a nice home for them (hey, look at all these coffee grounds!), and by this weekend have the compost bin constructed, and the compost *properly* started.  I think the p. ostreatus and the Oligochaeta will get along nicely.


Pardon the goofy eye.

Recommended reading: Organic Gardeners Composting, by Steve Solomon.


Not bad for a shipped culture that was stuck in the mail.  In Scandinavia.  In the winter.  Then subdivided into several small cultures.  I doff my cap to the folks at


The fruitbodies are sprouting fruitbodies.  I present to you: fractal bonsai mushroom culture